Presidential Election Polling


Kyle Percival, Photography

The 2020 presidential election looks like it’s going to be a very tight race according to polling. As of right now, Biden leads the polls in many swing states, but not by much. With a major increase in mail in voting due to the coronavirus, some people have been able to vote before there has even been a debate. Take a look at the polls from some swing states to see who has the edge.


As can be seen in these polls, Biden holds a narrow lead in some swing states such as Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. President Trump also holds a narrow lead in Georgia and Texas (Texas not shown on chart). Biden also holds a lead of 10 points in the national average, all of these tight races are pointing to a tight race this election cycle. Brett Plaisted was asked to predict the outcome of the election, here’s what he predicted.


Q: You said that Oregon and Minnesota would go to President Trump even though former Vice President Biden holds a steady lead in those states, why do you think they will go to the President?

A: I think that Oregon and Minnesota will go to President Trump over the former Vice President Joe Biden because of the immediate offer from the President to help end the violent protests and riots over the summer. Joe Biden went along with the protests by saying we have to redirect funds from the police, then recently doing a 180 to now saying he doesn’t want to do that because he was losing support for wanting to defund the police. So because Joe Biden just switched sides it will cost him some votes especially when President Trump has always been against defunding the police, also due to the President immediately sending an offer to the city for help to end the violence. 

Q: You said Georgia and North Carolina would go steady to President Trump, but polls show a tight race in these states, why do you think President Trump will pull away a victory in these places?

A: I think that President Trump will pull a win in both Georgia and North Carolina over former Vice President Biden because of the tremendous support for the president in both these states. As proven in 2016, you can’t trust the polls and Joe Biden only has a 1 point lead in Georgia and a 3 point lead in North Carolina over President Trump which can easily change due to inaccurate polling.