Patriots Recap


Dylan Fogarty, Editor

So far, the Patriots have looked a lot better than everyone expected with a week one win over the Dolphins, and almost beating the Seahawks coming up one yard short. Their new starting quarterback, Cam Newton, looks like he did when he played for the Carolina Panthers during his 2015 MVP season when he led his team to a 15-1 record and led them to the Super Bowl. 

     The defense although losing a lot of key players due to free agency and COVID-19, they have not taken a step back from where they were last year. The receivers have looked a lot better with Cam Newton rather than with Tom Brady because Cam has the ability to scramble out of the pocket and create plays for other people. Julian Edelman also had a career game against the Seattle Seahawks in week two with 179 receiving yards and eight receptions. A lot of the younger receivers are having more of a chance to play with Cam as their quarterback now which is making the offense look a lot better than last year.

      In week three, the Patriots beat the Raiders 36 to 20 to improve their record to two and one. The Patriots run game took over this game with Sony Michelle rushing for 117 yards and Rex Burkhead getting three touchdowns. Even though Cam did not play very well, the run game and the defense picked up the slack for him and we ended up getting the win. 

     The defense looked better this week than the previous two weeks because they got some big defensive takeaways and they only let up 20 points which was less than the week before. The only thing the Patriots need to work on is the defensive penalties which in the future could cost them points and yards they don’t need to give up. It was interesting that Bill took three timeouts on the defensive side all in the third quarter which didn’t make sense. Overall the Patriots looked much better than everyone expected three weeks into the season.