How Online School has Affected Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being

Kyle Clancey, Web Designer

(*Disclaimer* This article compiles information from many sources within the regions of Georgetown Middle High School. Students, teachers, guidance counselors, and other faculty members were interviewed.)


Many students recently have been a part of online schooling. Being at school is drastically different than sitting at home and attempting to retain the same information one would acquire at school. Stress levels and work ethic are greatly impacted and it is necessary to find out more information about how people really feel during these strange times. 


The topic at hand has effects world-wide, but this article focuses on how people have been dealing with this and how it has changed them at Georgetown Middle High School.


Here are some of the opinions gathered:

  • Last spring was not good at all
  • There were large amounts of stress from copious work
  • Moderators didn’t have the best ability to run online classes
  • There was much sympathy felt for other students’ stress


  • After the summer, things have been running smoothly:
    • There are less errors in online calls
    • Teachers have more knowledge of how to control teaching in online classes