First Day Back


Anthony Palmisano, Advertising and social media

After October 1, students and teachers at Georgetown Middle High School will be back in school in person part-time using a hybrid model. The model is that there are two cohorts, last names A-N, and M-Z. The first cohort, A-N, goes to school Tuesday and Thursday, and does online school Wednesday and Friday. The second cohort attends school Wednesday and Friday. Both cohorts are online on Monday. 


Olivia Arone, a current senior at GMHS believes that going hybrid is, “better than being at home everyday.” She then started to talk about the problems of online school and how going back in a hybrid model is good. “There are a lot of technical difficulties, like wifi issues and zoom classes lagging.” 


J.D Horne, a student at GMHS, had this to say about his first day, “it went pretty good, pretty good.” He then went on to say that, “there were no issues.” After being asked if he liked online school better than in school he responded with, “I like online class better.” He likes it because “I took easy classes and they let me out early