Sports regulations

With the return of school this fall, there are still many questions about how the schools will adapt and readjust to the new guidelines. A huge question now is about sports and what the best way to keep everyone safe is. Many new rules have been added to all sports in an attempt to provide the best safety possible.

Carson Purcell, Ads and social media

Abbie Donahue (girls field hockey team) said,  


“It puts us all on the same playing field when it comes to skills and knowledge because we all had to adapt. I think we are playing a lot better now than we ever have.” 


A huge change in the way sports are played now is the obligation to wear masks at all times and try to social distance.


I asked one member from both the girls and boys soccer team, Talia Geberth and Cam Rooney, what their thoughts were about the new rules.


“It makes the seniors upset because the coaches have to spend time going over the rules and safety and it makes our practices different because we need to practice different strategies to adjust to the new rules,” Talia said. “A small portion of it is sad because we might not be able to do pasta dinners. It also helps to bring us together as a team and celebrate the last short season us seniors have with the juniors and the whole team.”


Cam Rooney said, “It’s definitely changed the way the game is played with all the new rules and takes time to get used to. The game is a lot more slowed down now with the covid rules and it takes good teams to adjust to that setting.”