Salem 5 Bank Robbery

Brett Plaisted, Photography

Friday September 11, 2020 at approximately 3:45pm the Georgetown Police department received a call saying the bank was robbed. A man entered the bank through the front door and handed a note over to one of the tellers demanding cash, the suspect was believed to not be armed because he did not show any weapon. The suspect then left out the side door exiting behind the bank into the back parking lot. The suspect was wearing white shoes, black pants, white Nike sweatshirt, a green bucket hat, and a black face mask. No report has been made yet if the suspect has been found. 


As unusual as it sounds to hear of a bank robbery in Georgetown it’s not the first bank robbery in town. Back on January 7, 2011 3 people robbed the TD bank in Crosby’s marketplace. They were caught and appeared in court that next week, they did get away with $3,472 which was recovered.


To see what peoples thoughts are on the bank robbery I went straight to the local citizens of Georgetown  to get that answer. I first interviewed Bryce Bedard, a current resident of Georgetown and a former GMHS student. I first asked him if he heard about the bank robbery and his thoughts on it and he replied “I think its crazy and I didnt expect that to happen in this town” Now I wanted to find out if he knew about the previous bank robbery at the TD bank he told me “no, I did not.” Since he didn’t know about this I wanted to see if he was surprised about the multiple bank robbery. He replied to me “yes, small town so I wouldn’t expect it. I wanted to see what other people thought so I interviewed Kyle Percival, a current Georgetown resident and a current student at GMHS. So just like Bryce I asked him if he knew about it and what his thoughts were, his response was “I did hear about the bank robbery, I think it’s crazy how something like this can happen in our town.” so just like Bryce he thought it was crazy that this would happen in Georgetown. Now i wanted to see if he knew about the previous bank robbery and he said “I didn’t know this wasn’t the first bank robbery in Georgetown .” Kyle also didn’t know about the previous bank robbery. So now that Kyle knows about it I asked him if he thought Georgetown could be a potential target because Georgetown’s a small town. He replied “I wouldn’t think that we are a target because our bank is right in the center of town and the police station is a couple blocks away, so it seems like a bad choice for a bank robbery.” So Kyle didn’t think we would be susceptible to bank robbery because its a small town and everything’s close to the police station.