Online schooling: A piece of advice


Online schooling has been a new way of learning for people all across America. Being online, and not being in a classroom with a teacher, has made it very challenging for many students to keep up with their school work and understand what’s going on in all of their classes. Both students and teachers have shared their thoughts on what tips they have that help them stay caught up. The first interview I had was from a junior, Isabella Garofalo.


“What is the biggest advice you have for online schooling?” I asked.


“Get everything done on time because once you fall behind it’s hard to get back up. It’s easier to maintain your good grades than trying to get your bad grades back up.”


“What is one thing you shouldn’t do while on online schooling?” 


“Don’t take advantage and sit on your phone, it may seem fine now but when tests start coming and you don’t know what’s on it, you are going to suffer the consequences” she said.


Next, I had interviewed a teacher, to see if she could give some feedback on how to be successful in school. I asked Ms.Rossi, a math teacher in the high school, two questions.


“What would be the biggest piece of advice for a student struggling to keep up with online schooling?” 


“Ask questions even though you’re remote and you don’t want to. Especially when your screens are off, we can’t tell if you understand the concept we are teaching.” Rossi states.


When asked what not to do while being in online school, her response was simple.


“Don’t let other household distractions take away from being in zoom and focused with your teachers.” 


Although online school can be a struggle, there’s a few people you can reach out to that can help. The guidance counselors, Ms.Robinson and Ms.Colton can be very helpful. Teachers are also a very good resource if you are struggling with a certain class.