Masks in School

Catherine dougherty, Fundraising

With Covid-19 we’re required to wear masks and social distance. How is that supposed to work with lunch? Georgetown High decided to put plexiglass grids on the tables, and students can only sit in every other seat. Students used to be able to go down to the turf field, which allowed them to spread out and take mask breaks. As of the fourth week of October rolls through, the privilege of being on the turf taken away.

 “Maybe if we sit in our cars with the trunk opened we would be able to be away from everyone.” said Patrick Clough. 

Sadly, eating lunch in the car isn’t an option since the faculty can’t see the students. Principal Richards wants to be able to know where everyone is so if anyone happens to get Covid-19 it would be easier to track who they might have spread it to. Although the turf was taken away for lunch, students can sit directly outside of the side door of the cafeteria, but there are so many people that choose to go outside there isn’t enough space for everyone to take off their masks and maintain the 6ft apart. 

Some possible reasons why the administration doesn’t let the students on the turf field anymore during the lunch period is because the students may not pick up after themselves. 

“We should be able to sit outside on the turf because the more spread out we are the less the chance of spreading germs.” Lily Gilmore. 

The cafeteria has dividers and students can only sit in every other seat. When the students sit down they need to scan the QR code to check in where they’re sitting. If the students choose to sit outside, they sit on the stairs in clumps. So, if someone would ever get Covid-19 who is outside it would be very hard to track them down at lunch since there is no set place. If the student body is able to go on the turf field during lunch, there would be a lot more space to get clean air without being on top of everyone else.