California compared to New England


Iain Kantorski, Editor

California and New England; both in the U.S., both common areas of interest for the average American. In both places just the same, people wake up every morning, go to work, and come home to their family, only to do it all over again the next day. Although, one may not realize how drastically different these two areas of the country can be. Whether it’s the physical area, population size, or common occupation, there are many aspects that greatly differ in both places.

“I think it’s pretty similar,” says New England resident Anthony Palmisano. Palmisano puts forth that Californians seem to lead a pretty normal lifestyle when compared to New Englanders. This view is shared by many people in New England. In his interview, Palmisano may have brought up a few possible differences, such as the perception of a more relaxed driving atmosphere, but otherwise displayed an understanding of the two locations housing similar experiences. However, he would find the truth quite surprising.

“The landscape is often filled with fertile soil along with a lot of agricultural use,” says a California native with many years of living experience both there and in New England. She elaborates that this occurrence carries a huge effect on diets, as fresh produce is much easier to obtain year round; in New England, most produce spends weeks on a truck being shipped across the country… from California. In the Golden State, one can drive for miles and see nothing but endless rows of crops stretching to the horizon. Crops that not only fuel California, but the entire United States.

Another notable fact pinpointed by the native, is a more relaxed spirit, whether in rural areas, in the city, or even in the suburbs. “To me, it’s much easier living,” she says, “even in urban areas it’s much more relaxed.” She gives an example: “In New England, you don’t just go to the store in the middle of winter, or stand at the bus stop in below freezing weather.” She explains that in California, you don’t even think twice about these everyday activities.

While some areas of life can remain the same, there are others that are drastically different. Whether socially or culturally, California is the result of over one hundred years of migrants from all over the U.S. and the world. On the other hand, New England has kept a more local, deep rooted population. This can be huge in the area of social interactions.

The California native gives one final example concerning the social standard. She points out that in California, it might be normal for one to look up and greet a stranger passing by. As many know, for New Englanders, it would not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind.

Overall, California and New England both have their own unique lifestyles; each brings “goods” and “bads” with it. While some normal areas of life may be similar, there are multiple situations that look nothing alike, and are sometimes even alien to each other. However, as the Californian says, “I would not say it’s going to Mars, but it is different.”