The College Process in the Covid Era

Luke VanGalen, Editing


One of the biggest things that COVID-19 has affected is travel. This can cause many unprecedented challenges for juniors and seniors who are trying to get out and visit schools, or checkout new areas for where they might want to go to college. Although these new times can be tough, it is important to remember that colleges are changing to make things easier for high schoolers, and there are many alternate ways to view the school of your choice.


In an interview with guidance counselor Amanda Colten on her thoughts about how COVID-19 would change the college process in the future, and any advice she had for students going through it, she said this,  


“I think that transcripts are going to look different for the next four years, credit or no credit is something that colleges will have to adapt to as there is a year that people are missing grades. There’s a chance that schools will remain SAT optional, it all depends on what happens in the upcoming months and in 2021.”


When asked about any advice she has for juniors and seniors who are still looking to get out and tour schools, she said,


 “Going to the colleges’ websites and utilizing the resources there, there are tons of resources there. You can talk to current students, talk to guidance counselors, and other resources on the websites.”


“Another piece of advice is if possible, do a drive through campus, you may not be able to get out of your car, but you will be able to see what it’s like during a pandemic. What campuses look like this fall may very well look the same next fall.”


When talking to Evan Swanton (senior), about his experiences on a recent tour he attended at UNH, he had this to say about it, 


“I had to wear a mask, had to bring my own water, had to keep away from UNH students, had to walk one way [similar to the school set up], keep six ft away from people not in your family on the tour.”


His advice for fellow students in the same position as him was,


“Check everyday to see what colleges are offering in terms of visits and make sure you follow the regulations. Make sure you are able to go visit the schools you want to, and if you want to see the inside of buildings try to find other ways to do that. Look up virtual tours and youtube videos to see colleges more in depth.”


If you are worried about visiting schools, try to remember that you are not the only one going through this issue, and there are plenty of resources out there to help you.