Patriots Recap

Patriots Recap

Dylan Fogarty, Editor

        The Patriots are now 5-6 with five games left in the season and are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. After their week 3 win over the raiders, the Pats went on a rare 4 game losing streak, which included losses to the Chiefs, Broncos, 49ers, and Bills. 

       During their four game losing streak they lost to the Chiefs, but were without Cam Newton, their starting quarterback. They then lost to the Broncos in the last minute of the matchup because they could not score a touchdown to win the game. 

      Then in week 6 they got beat by the 49ers, 33-6. Nothing went their way that game; they couldn’t get the offense going at all. Then they lost to their division rival Buffalo Bills during the last minute when Cam Newton fumbled on the 10 yard line with less than one minute to go in the game. 

      After the Patriots’ horrendous four game losing streak, they faced the Ravens. Everyone thought the Patriots were going to lose, but they stuck to their game plan and got the win. Although, the offense, once again, did not look very good against the ravens even though the Patriots won. Some might blame it on the weather, but their offense just has not been good all year. 

       Then in week 11, the Pats went to Texas to play Houston. They were favored going into that game, but the defense looked terrible in the first half, letting up 21 points. This is likely because they only blitzed 3 people which leads right into Houston’s strengths. 

      In the second half, the defense only let up six points, but the Houston offense did score enough to come back from their first half deficit. The Patriots ended up losing 27-20 which gave them their sixth loss of the season. Their playoff hopes started to dwindle away. 

      Then came week 12 where the Pats faced the Arizona Cardinals and their red hot quarterback, Kyler Murray. The Pats were not favored to win the game, but it was their third week in a row facing fast, scrambling quarterbacks, so they had an idea of what they should expect. 

      It was a low scoring game to say the least, with a lot of running plays. The defense played great; they had a solid game plan coming in and executed it to perfection. The Patriots’ defense only allowed 17 points total to the number one ranked offense in the NFL. 

      Once again though, the Patriots’ offense did not look good throwing the ball. Cam Newton seems to be a real problem; he can’t seem to get in any sort of rhythm with the passing game. 

      The Pats did have one last drive to try to sneak away with a win. The game was tied 17-17 with a little over a minute left to play. The Pats had the ball at their own 25 yard line. 

      They got to a crucial third down and 17 when they ran a designed quarterback run with Newton. He managed to get the first down and drew a 15 yard penalty, pushing the Pats into field goal range. Patriots’ kicker, Nick Folk, hit a game winning field goal to potentially keep his team’s playoff hopes alive. 

      The Patriots need to improve upon many things when moving forward. Some of these being their entire offense, their aggressive passing game, and their protection of Cam Newton so that he can find an open man. The receivers need to do a better job at getting open too in order to make Newton’s job easier. In this case he would not have to scramble out of the pocket as much. 

      Overall, the defense has looked fine; the Patriots still have one of the best secondaries in the league. However, they need to find a way to get more pressure on the opposing quarterback so they don’t give them as much time in the pocket to scramble and have their receivers get open.


Interview with JD Horne 

  1. What are some things you could improve on to try and make the playoffs?
    • Give our rookie wide receivers more time.
  1. How can you try to limit the amount of turnovers per game?
    • Run the ball more and make sure the pass protection is good.
  1. Why is N’keal Harry still on the roster?
    • It takes time to develop as a receiver and he needs more time.
  1. How is Covid 19 affecting the way the Patriots staff coaches and what changes have they had to make to follow the proper protocols?
    • It hasn’t changed very much, they still coach the same way.
  1. How do you think Cam has been playing this season so far?
    • He has been playing alright, he needs to hold onto the ball more and make sure he makes the right decisions.
  1. How does having Stephon Gilmore back help the defense and what does he bring to the team?
    • These last two weeks he has been playing like defensive player of the year and with having JC Jackson lockdown the other side, the other team’s passing game does not work very well.
  1. When do you think Julien Edelman will be back on the field?
    • I think he will be back after the rams game, but I don’t want him to return because we need to give our younger receivers more time.
  1. Who do you think needs to improve on the offensive side of the ball so we don’t have to rely on our defense as much to win games?
    • Jacobi Meyers and Sony Micheal need to fill the spot of the injured Rex Burkhead, also we need to get a tight end.
  1. How big of a role does the running game play into our offense?
    • It is the biggest part of the offense. Without the running game, we would have no offense and if we had Cam Newton throwing the ball more we would lose a lot more games.