School Clubs

Hunter Curtin, Photography

With a lot of questions and recent decisions being made with the school there are many questions regarding what will be going with The after school clubs? As of this moment some sports have been delayed and so far clubs are still undecided on by the school board. 


Student interview: “ In my opinion I believe that school clubs and after school activities are only going to help spread the virus more so therefore they should not be doing after school activities at the moment” – Kyle Clancey 


Parent interview: “ My opinion is no after school clubs and sports right now. Covid is on the rise again, I think that in order to help decrease the risk for spreading the virus, sports and clubs should be on hold until there is a vaccine.” – Cherie Tavares 


Teacher interview: “ I think outdoor sports are definitely ok and clubs would be fine as long as the numbers are small enough.I don’t think having big groups inside is a good idea. We do that sort of thing for lunches, but that’s much different considering that eating is an essential part of the day.Overall I think that doing any activity is ok as long as proper precautions are being taken and it’s done in a safe environment.” – Mr.DeBaggis 


Limits breaking down the regular ideals of school, students hope that everything will be solved. Without having the full access to after school activities there’s a more leniency to what teens can do with their after school time. This can cause a lot of loneliness and depression for teens and get them to make bad overall life decisions.