Holidays during Covid


Hunter Curtin, Photography

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Gmhs newspaper article 2 

With COVID-19 cases not seeming to take a halt in increasing, people must figure out a safe way to have group gatherings for special events and holidays. Hopefully these ideas from local teachers, students, and nurses give inspiration for how to stay safe during the holiday season. Those interviewed were asked, “With the fact that covid is still very relevant, and Georgetown is a red zone at the moment, what do you think are some of the best ways to stay the safest during holidays and holiday gatherings”? 


Cherie Tavares (homecare nurse)

  • “ Try to find ways to celebrate with family while social distancing: have a family holiday Facetime party or send secret santa gifts in the mail. Protecting loved ones and keeping our family members safe is important. If you do visit someone in person, be sure to wear a face mask and practice hand washing.”

2nd interview: Adam DeBaggis (Gmhs English teacher)

  • “I would say just try to limit the amount of people you hang out with during the holidays and taking some small steps to be safer. For instance, I plan on seeing family members on Christmas Eve but I will probably stay at their home for a much shorter period than I normally do. I will try to keep my distance, and I am hoping that they will have a window open or two. It’s proven that fresh air is more safe during this time so I would rather be a little chilly and safe. I think some people make the mistake of going on as if Covid isn’t real, which is not smart. All we have to do is make some small concessions and everyone will be much safer; but much like other areas of life, some people are just very stubborn.”