Nation wide lockdown


Annie Haley, Web team

President Elect Joe Biden has recently proposed a new COVID plan that he is planning on putting into effect once he is brought into office. The plan would be a 4-6 week nationwide lockdown to help lower the rate of currently rising COVID-19 cases. 

After talking to students and staff about this potential lockdown here if what they had to say.

After hearing President elect Joe Biden’s plan for a nationwide lockdown what are your immediate thoughts? 

Cera Bettencourt said “Personally I think it is a good idea and what we should have done earlier in 2020. If everyone complies with the rules and instructions we could easily lower the cases of Covid and could possibly go back to normal. Which is what everyone wants.”

“I think it’s definitely scary and it makes me think of previous time in lockdown and doing that again scares me.” Said Amy Southall.

“The term “Better late than never” comes to mind.” Said Mr. Pawlusiak


Do you think that the rising number of Covid cases is drastic enough to be talking about a 4 to 6 week lockdown? Why or why not?

“Yes, because we’ve already lost over 200,000 lives due to poor decisions and lack of care for the Americans. We need to try and put an end to this and the only way that seems fit is to put the country on lockdown to lower the cases. If we don’t, the cases are only gonna increase and more lives are gonna be lost.” Said Cera.

Amy Souhall added “Yes, definitely considering we just had thanksgiving and the holidays are coming up and ultimately so will the cases.” 

Mr. Pawlusiak added that  “I don’t follow the numbers as closely as Dr. Fauci but I believe we have hit a new record high in the state, and country every day this past week. When you hit a record high daily, that obviously takes a toll on the healthcare industry, so I think the numbers do warrant a 4 to 6 week lockdown.” 


How do you feel the public will respond if this lockdown is put into place? What measures do you think will have to be taken in order for people to stay at home? 

Cera stated that “It all depends. Some people will state that it is their personal right not to wear a mask and that they don’t have to comply with the rules. Some people are also gonna say that it’s gonna ruin the economy for America. Then there are gonna be people who will do what it takes to stop this virus. This isn’t about people’s right not to wear a mask or the economy, this is about thousands of lives being lost and we as a country have to come together to stop it. This shouldn’t be political when it’s taking the lives of innocent people. I think that’s some sort of police force or extreme fines will have to be used to get people to stay home.” 

“I think the majority of people would suck it up and follow the lockdown. Fines and public shaming would be a serviceable way to incentivize people to stay home.” Stated Mr Pawlusiak.

Other than a full blown lockdown can you think of any other way to control the virus? Is this a better plan than letting individual states decide how they want to handle it?

Cera Said “I don’t think there is a better way than a lockdown personally. We already let states decide how they want to handle it and Covid cases are still increasing rapidly which shows that it’s not helping. I think we’ve done what we can to try and lower cases without a lockdown and it’s not working. So, I think it’s time to do a lockdown to lower cases if no one’s gonna try and attempt.”

“Yes it’s better because that way people aren’t going from place to place spreading it anyways and I can’t think of something we haven’t tried to stop it to be honest.” added Amy Southall 

“I believe that a vaccine with a 95% efficacy rate, that was available to the masses, would be effective. Obviously, the majority of people would have to take it though.” Mr Pawlusiak.

If after this lockdown we would be able to return to a more normal way of life do you think people would be more likely to follow it? 

“If people actually follow the rules of the lockdown and in the end we can return to a normal way of life then yes I would think they would follow it because that would show them that this way is effective and can get everything in control. But we can’t be sure everyone would think the same sadly.” Cera concluded. 

“The short answer is yes, but as we all know, there is only one guarantee in life.  Like Nicholas Sparks wrote in The Notebook. “It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.” Said Mr Pawlusiak