Is it Sensible for Students to Return to In-Person Learning While the Town is a Hotspot?

Kyle Clancey, Web team


As everyone may be aware, the Coronavirus has impacted virtually everything right now. Businesses, schools, families, and many more institutions are being forced to take different approaches on how to get things done successfully and safely. The town of Georgetown has been hit quite hard. The town is now labeled as “red.” That means that it is a high-risk hotspot. School has been on and off. Students are going back to school, learning in-person while the town is in the red. That is the conflict at hand. Is it justified for students and teachers to return to physical school, while the virus is rampant in our community? The answer to this question should be obvious, but it obviously is not. 


Many people have been forced to make unnecessary sacrifices to work with the rigorous regulations we are faced with. People working in restaurants have been having some very stressful times because of this virus.  Lots of places have closed down due to this virus, too. If a business is not able to comply with the rules that the C.D.C. is supplying, then they are forced to close down. This is an awful thing that there are countless examples of nowadays. 


“I just recently lost my job… I was working at a restaurant and we had to shut down because of the virus. This is bad now because I won’t be able to afford rent and other stuff like that. This really sucks since I have kids and they are very dependent,” said by a customer visiting Crosby’s Marketplace. 


Since lots of people have lost their jobs, they have been struggling financially and becoming very stressed because of this. People have sold their cars, been laid off from work, and have been staying home all day. It has been noticed that this epidemic has taken a heavy toll. For people who get the virus, they are affected greatly. Not only are they battling a deadly disease, they are forced to take a break from reality for a while. People have to get tested twice and come back negative while quarantining for at least two weeks, shutting themselves out of society, or what is left of society at this point. 


The town of Georgetown, along with all other towns, are being forced to change their way of schooling. Some schools are having all students learn from home, while others are going to school full time. There has to be a healthy medium between those two. There is a serious matter at hand, the virus, and it should be taken care of respectfully and carefully. Georgetown has been labeled as “high-risk”, since the town has Coronavirus cases and a very small population.  Going back to school during a time like this is controversial. This is because Georgetown has a severely high amount of cases when looking at the town’s population and infrastructure. The school system is heavily affected by what is going on. Students go to school two days a week and virtually take part in school during the rest of the week. Although there are many new rules in place, not everybody follows them. There is no way to ensure that everybody follows the rules. This is part of the reason why we are still seeing so many new cases and deaths. 


“Who even knows if the distancing and separated hallways will help with this? People are forced to get closer than six feet away from others. The rules are there but are ignored by so many,” Even if we follow the rules there is still a high chance of somebody not following the rules and causing something bad to happen. Because of the virus being able to spread so rampantly, cases keep on adding up. Some people do not wear their masks correctly and are still spreading germs they may not even know about. It really does not make sense to ignore these regulations since it most certainly is a life or death scenario.