Should the Coronavirus Vaccine be Mandated in Our State?


Kyle Clancey, Web

Whether you believe in receiving vaccines or not, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that there is a global pandemic we are facing, and that we need to do something about it. Many people in the world are against getting vaccinated and/or having their family get vaccinated. It is not right to force someone to get a vaccine, but should it be right to deny something that could get rid of what has taken a toll on millions of people and their families? If somebody was to deny the vaccination shot, it is still possible for them to get the Coronavirus and infect many others. Our state is currently a high-risk area regarding the virus, and anything to change that status for the better is great. 

    In an article from Boston Globe, it talks about how Joe Biden does not support the vaccine being mandatory, but in the future, private businesses, schools, and even other places might require people who don’t qualify for religious or medical exemptions to have been vaccinated. This is tough because if you are a private sector company trying to mandate the vaccine for your company, you would have to acquire many lawsuits in order to get that implementation. 

    “The power for the public sector to mandate vaccines is clearer. All 50 states require some childhood vaccines as a condition of public school entry, and those have been instrumental in getting immunization rates high enough to maintain herd immunity against diseases like the measles,” (Boston Globe). This information here brings up a good point because there are already vaccines that have been mandated for a while now, and that has led to immunization rates increasing greatly.