Online play?

Martin Culpepper , photographer

Roughly one year ago our world was plunged into chaos. With COVID-19 gripping the globe, schools were soon to shut down, and most of them are still to this day (or at least partially). Despite this, the theater community at GMHS has still found a way to continue their programs by hosting this year online. But how does this compare to the standard theater? 


“I think it still feels like theater. It’s definitely hard not being able to interact with the rest of the cast and crew because spending time with your friends is half the fun of doing a play, but acting with everyone on zoom is good enough for now,” said Ryan Phillips, one of the performers in the cast of the production this year.


Even though the online play has had many positive upsides, like less difficulty with scheduling rehearsals, and has still been entertaining, there are some problems with the online platform that isn’t as prevalent while in person.


“One thing that I’ve been racking my brains about is how to get everyone to feel together,” said Mrs. Donovan-Lee, the director for this year’s production. Since the kids aren’t in direct contact this year, it is difficult for them to be as connected.


In the end, even though the online platform has put forward some difficulties, the GMHS theater team is still powering through and doing what they do best in a way that’s just as energetic and vibrant as before.


“Overall it’s definitely been a good experience. I’m glad I get to be a part of GHS’s first (and hopefully only) Zoom play,” said Ryan Phillips.