Rylie Lasquade, Publisher

The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams got shut down on January 20th, 2021, because of Covid. 


The head coach on the girl’s team got Covid and the boy’s team head coach did not. The majority of the girls’ team also got Covid, while only one person on the boys’ team did. The basketball season had already been cut short because of Covid, and then the school shut down the basketball program altogether. With all the Covid restrictions that got put in place, it was surprising there was an outbreak on either team. 


Senior captain Justin Murphy and junior Captain Jack Lucido described their experiences playing basketball with masks.


 “The masks honestly didn’t affect me that much,” said Justin. “I didn’t even think about them because they felt so normal,” added Jack. 


With all of the Covid restrictions, there was concern that the rules of the game would change. 


“The only main difference was you could not take the ball out from underneath the hoop,” said Justin.


There was a lot of talk going on with the school and board of health saying that there wasn’t even going to be a chance of having a season. 


“I was happy with the way we all worked hard and followed all the protocols to say safe,” said Jack. “I was just grateful to have some games and have a season,” added Justin.


The girls’ team had the biggest outbreak of Covid cases. Sophomore Carena Zilolkowski describes it as “overwhelming and stressful hearing girls on our team were getting it.” Sophomore Meghan Lowen added, “It was nerve-wracking because the whole team was getting sick.”


After a sudden outbreak of Covid cases, Georgetown decided to call off the rest of their season. 


“I was very upset with the season-ending. It took so many people to convince the board of health to let us play and to have it end so soon felt like all that convincing was pointless.” said Meghan.