Students’ Ways of Keeping Busy During COVID-19


Martin Culpepper

What class is like when your teacher is not there.

Gabriella Duratti

Students’ Ways of Keeping Busy During COVID-19


Many of us have been wondering what to do to keep busy since COVID started. So many of our activities and things we’ve looked forward to having been canceled, and students now have lots of extra time to fill. 


Before COVID started, Rylie Lasquade was part of the soccer team. She was still able to participate but her season was cut short. In order to keep busy, she “worked out and hung out with friends” as well as “going on drives to pass time.”


Tyler Girouard usually plays football and baseball. Unfortunately, football was canceled and baseball is still up in the air as for what will happen to their season. Despite not being able to play football this year, Tyler has kept busy by “working, lifting, and skiing.” 


Mia Macdonald usually participates in cross country. They did have a season this year, however, Mia did not participate. Instead, she chose to fill her time with “working out, cooking, watching movies, and planning for life after high school.” 


Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to do something new or spark a new interest. Have fun with it, and don’t be tough on yourself when trying it out for the first time. 


As Rylie Lasquade said, “These are tough times and I need to be strong in all aspects to feel better.”