Screen Time


Chloe Sapienza

Screen Time on a Laptop

Chloe Sapienza , Photographer

Have you ever noticed how high your screen time is? This could be a scary thing to look at to see what you have been doing every day on your phone. People rarely notice just how much screen time they use during the day because everyone’s lives basically depend on electronic devices. Screen time has definitely been an issue for younger kids because of how much they use phones or ipads to entertain themselves. Even with older kids and adults, it’s becoming a problem because now schools and work depend on using electronics to do work. 


Now, especially from the pandemic hitting this year, everyone has to use electronic devices for learning. This has caused everyone’s screen time to increase dramatically. Since school is now online-based learning, you just can’t get away from your screen at this point. For most students and teachers, adjusting so quickly to this new way of learning was a struggle. 


“I don’t really enjoy being at my laptop for hours at a time, this can easily cause me headaches and honestly is just boring and I feel as though school should not be this way,” Madison Berard said.


In the spring, everything was new and everyone was trying to learn an easy way to balance out school. So at this time, people’s screen time was low because there were very few zooms. But we still had assignments and that’s all we had to do for school. 


Then as soon as the fall rolled around, virtual school started to become a huge struggle. Being in the Zoom calls became mandatory for all classes, and no one was used to being online for seven blocks a day. This caused a big strain on people. 


“This is literally ruining my eyesight, and it’s going to become a long-term problem,” Beth Keenan said. 


Getting slammed with being on Zoom for seven blocks a day and adding on assignments will put you on the screen for 12 hours or even more. Not to mention how much more time you spend on your phone outside of school it adds on even more. This will definitely cause long-term side effects. 


Schools should give kids a break and call it a “Screen Time free Block” just because of how much kids are on a screen a day. With all this screen time at school, it’s causing even more time on the screen out of school because it’s a getaway from doing school work. Every single student definitely uses social media or watches shows after school which increases their screen time even more. 


“I think there should be way more asynchronous days,” said Beth Keenan.


Overall, screen time has negatively affected people this year. Schools should help students and teachers out by giving them a break. This way maybe school won’t be as miserable for students and teachers. 


“I think at this point everyone, students and teachers alike, is done with staring at screens all day. At no point in my life did I ever imagine that having to look at my own face for several hours a day would be a part of my job requirement. No job, no matter the salary, is worth that kind of torture,” said Mr. Osborn