The return to school and what will change

Geno Tirone, Publisher

After over a year of not having a full class in school, we are finally returning to normal… at least somewhat. Recently word was released that starting on April 12th, all students at Georgetown Middle High School will be returning as a full class. However, with the return of full in school learning, some questions have been raised: what will classes be like, what about students who are full remote, where will we be for lunch? A few staff members along with Principal Richards helped to shed some light on these questions.


One large question that people had was how lunch works when everyone is in the school at once. Even in the cohorts the lunch room seems to be filled to the brim while following the rules placed on us by the state. Principal Richards spoke about “multiple areas” that would all be for student seating, some of them outside, some in nearby rooms inside.


With over 500 students in the building come mid-April, it would be near impossible to keep everyone six feet apart at all times. Luckily, there will be some changes to the existing rules when everyone returns together. Principal Richards spoke about the CDC saying they “brought the six foot distance minimum down to a three foot distance, and they are doing it for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.”


Another thing that everyone has been wondering is how certain classes with a large number of students will work. With the arrangement of the desks as they are, some classes are already near full. 


“In rooms where there is a larger enrollment than what we sent up we bring it down to a lower distance, so it’s now three feet,” said Principal Richards. “We are not going to move all the desks to three feet. Where we can keep a larger distance we will do that, and where we need to bring more kids in we will lower the distance. We are fortunate with many small classes.”


One final question about returning to school is how this will affect full remote students. Will they be required to return? Can they return when they want?


 “You have to commit for the year full in or full remote, and roughly 90% are coming back. A few are staying remote and they will have to stay remote for the rest of the year. They will not be swapping back and forth,” said Mr. Richards