2021 Senior Trip

Martin Culpepper, Photographer

This year of uncertainty that has occurred as a result of the worldwide pandemic has left many plans up in the air, specifically what’s going to happen with seniors and senior activities. However, within the past few weeks, the plans for the senior trip have been finalized. This year GMHS has decided that the senior trip will be held at Kimball Farm. 


Kimball Farm is a location in Westford that serves food and ice cream, along with a variety of activities for students to partake in like mini-golf and batting cages. All of the activities will be open excluding the arcade. The students from the class of 2021  have a bunch of mixed feelings about the school’s choice. 


“It should be fun, but maybe not as fun as it could be,” said Ryan Phillips, a senior who plans to go on this year’s trip. 


Even though Kimball Farm provides a myriad of entertaining activities, many students feel like they are missing out on the experience that most previous senior classes had with their senior trips. 


Patric Clough, another senior from GMHS, said he would rather go on “a nice hike to a waterfall in western Mass.” 


Many seniors would prefer going somewhere for an overnight trip, likely in New Hampshire or the western regions of Massachusetts. However, most of the students recognize that this is the best that can be done during times like these, and that we’re lucky to just have a trip at all.


“I think that it’s great that they managed to put together a trip at this point,” said Beckett Medwid, a senior planning to attend the trip. “And it’s better than nothing.”


Obviously, there’s a mixed bag of feelings about this year’s trip, but little to nothing this year is going as it should, and the seniors are just happy that our school is able to throw something together at all, even if it’s not as good as the trips from previous years.