Senior Parking

Jessica Scearbo , Social Media

2020 and 2021 have been completely dominated by the COVID virus. Seniors last year missed out on the end of year activities, and seniors this year have missed out on basically everything. Now, some seniors no longer have their parking spot at school. 


“To maintain the required social distance during lunch times and for large class sizes, a tent will be set up in the lower parking lot next to the turf field on Friday, 3/19,” Alysha Morgan, Georgetown administration, said in an email sent out to students and parents.


This means that the lower lot will no longer be used for seniors, and seniors now have to park at Park and Ride, or Perley School. Ms. Morgan also told students the last day to park in this lot would be 3/18, yet students don’t even go back to school until April 5th.


“As a senior, I feel like we have had so much taken away, and then to take away a whole parking lot on top of our already limiting parking is super disappointing.” Rylie Lasquade said. 


Having a parking spot at school isn’t exactly a big deal, but when the whole school year that is supposed to be filled with fun senior activities has been ruined, it feels like something else has been taken from them. 


“They could’ve moved the tent to the Georgetown library because during the day, not a lot of people go there, and it’s a two minute walk from the school,” Rylie Lasquade also said. 


Some seniors have said they would gladly sit on the turf while maintaining social distancing during lunch. The weather is starting to get warmer each day, and going outside for fresh air is always good, especially having to wear a mask all day. If GMHS could get a lunch monitor to go outside to watch the students who sit on the turf, there would be no need for the tents, and the seniors could get their spots back. 


“The tent is so unnecessary, so impractical, and it’s creating more issues than it is solving,” Melina Lymberopoulos said