Senior Activites

Gabriella Duratti , Editor

Senior activities are finally happening! Senior class advisor, Mrs. Matthews, Principal Richards, and members of the senior parent celebration group have been working hard to get the ok for senior activities. It was announced Friday, March 19 that the senior class is approved for a prom which will be held at Danversport Yacht Club. 


Mrs. Matthews says she is “letting the senior parent celebration group decide what the theme will be. It will be a mystery for all of us.”


We will also be having a plot twist on the senior banquet this year. Instead of it being at China Blossom like usual, we will be having a movie night under the tent in the senior parking lot. They are working on possible games on the turf and there will be a dessert truck as well. The class will also be opening the time capsules from elementary school. “Send me a movie suggestion!” says Mrs. Matthews. 


Another event they are working on is graduation. It is still unknown what that will look like but they are “hoping to do the car rally again,” says Mrs. Matthews. 


Class president Aidan Maguire has been alongside everyone putting together the senior activities. He has helped push for these activities and make sure they will be events that the seniors enjoy. 


He says he “is more excited than nervous because it is the last time we will all be together as a grade.”


Many of our activities have been canceled this year. However, everyone is working extremely hard to give us back a little bit of what we’ve lost this year. 


Mrs. Matthews says she “hopes the week of all these activities makes us feel as if we did not lose out on everything as seniors this year.”