Students Thoughts On Returning To School

Martin Culpepper, Photographer

With Covid cases on the decline, the staff at GMHS has decided to let the students of all grades come back full-time if they so choose. This will all occur in April, and middle schoolers will be returning first. The school is also offering an online option. 


Many students view the upcoming changes as a good way to reconnect with their friends and peers, and to bring the whole school community back together.


”It will be beneficial because they get to see their friends again and for the seniors, end the year all together,“ said senior Riley Soucy.


Some students also feel that being in a full in person environment will encourage them to learn and hand assignments in on time. 


”I believe that going back is really beneficial to students. We haven’t learned anything this year,” said senior Joshua Barinson. 


Being able to see their peers is also a substantial contributing factor as to why students are deciding to come in full time. 


“I’ll be going in full time because i want to be around all my friends again even if it’s with masks and only for 2 months,” said Rylie Soucey


In the end, the students at GMHS are happy to have a chance to get their lives one step closer to where they used to be. 


”I believe that people should be able to make their own decisions, that’s why people are given the option to stay home. I think it is safe for me and a majority of people to return to normal-ish life,” said Josh.