Spring Sports

Chloe Sapienza, Photography

Spring sports is a go, so we hope! Even with the pandemic and winter sports running through the spring season, it’s official. In years past, the spring sports season started in March, but this year it will begin in late April due to Covid.  With April break coming up and kids going back to school full time, this may cause a little uptick in cases. In that case, a good season cannot be considered a given. 


Since having such a late start to the spring season, it causes the season to be shorter than normal, with about a 10 game season. They made adjustments to some sports so they would stay under the guidelines to keep things safe, including having fewer players on the field and not having spectators or having them social distancing. 


So far students and coaches are getting ready to start the season off in April if everything goes as planned. Most sports for the spring season sadly will not have any playoffs because of Covid. 


Several players have complained about not having playoffs and are frustrated because they can have a season but not play offs. Especially for Georgetown, making the playoffs is something exciting for the school because not a lot of sports make it each year. 


Game play will definitely be a little different this year with having to play with a mask on, and some sports having to change some rules so everyone stays safe. For example, the baseball team has to socially distance in the dugout by spreading all their stuff out. Also, teams will not be able to travel like normal because of the CDC guidelines. 


One complaint was about how the whole team travels in the bus all together and they are crammed into a seat with another player, which isn’t social distancing. What doesn’t make sense is that the school still doesn’t want to open the locker rooms because they think it does not follow the guidelines.  


“I personally don’t understand how sitting next to someone on the bus is any safer than changing as a team in a locker room setting,” senior baseball player Rob Popielski said.


Another complaint from students is not having the locker rooms open for them to change in before a game or practice. This is a big problem because now students either have to go home and change, and then possibly be late, or have everyone use the school bathrooms, which will cause a long wait to change and cause crowding in the bathrooms.


In the end we all hope for a good spring season even with its downs because of the pandemic. Georgetown will fight through it no matter what. 


“The goal of sports is really to have fun, and even with all the modifications we can still achieve that goal,”  Mr. DeBaggis said.