Back In School

Riley Smith, and Gabriella Duratti, Publisher, and editor

This past month we went back to school full time. The opinions on being back range from being stressed to being really excited. Most of the school seems happy to interact with each other, but the COVID restrictions have made some students upset. 


“School has been overwhelming,” said Rob Popeliski.


The masks have been really difficult for students to wear.

Having to wear a mask for almost 7 hours during the school day is frustrating for some. 


“I find it extremely frustrating when you stand up at lunch to throw away your trash and get yelled at to put your mask up,” said Jess Scearbo.


It is indeed frustrating for the students to have to put their masks up when they have to throw their trash away. When they are sitting the students can have their mask down, but when standing up it’s not allowed. 


“I guess you can only get Covid when you’re standing,” said Jess Scearbo.


Before the pandemic started, many students loved coming to school. Now with all the restrictions and not being able to get close to friends, students are not enjoying school as much. 


“I love the school, I loved it before the pandemic…but not now,” said Tre Aulson. “Online school is cool.” 


Some students have decided not to go to school and now are fully remote. However, there are issues with that as well.


“Some teachers forget to start the Zooms,” says Mia Macdonald. 


Because there may be only one remote student in the class, some teachers have been forgetting to start the zoom. This makes it difficult for remote students to get their assignments in and puts them at a disadvantage.