Jessica Scearbo , Social Media

As the weather gets warmer, the school year is nearing its end, meaning it’s almost graduation time for our seniors! Last year’s graduation was held at Saint Mary’s Church due to COVID restrictions, however, this year returns to the Perley field. What’s in store for this year’s graduation with COVID-19 still being around? 


This year’s graduation is going to look and feel a little different than past years. Usually, all seniors are on the stage with seats close together, and families and friends sit close by too. This year, according to Mrs. Morgan, “the graduating students will be 3 feet apart, and the guests will be 6 feet apart.” 


Surprisingly, graduating students are still allowed to bring guests. Each student will have their own square for family members and friends. They’re allowed to bring 6 guests with them, and there’s no limit on faculty or staff who can come watch seniors cross the stage. 


Prior to the event, family members will have to fill out a Google form to identify all guests who will be seated in that student’s square. 


“There will also be a QR code for the guests to sign themselves in for contract tracing purposes,” Principal Richards said. 


Since Perley has a large field, there will be plenty of room for all the guests and seniors, and there will also be room for the seniors to throw their caps in the air. Mr. Richards said that seniors being able to throw their caps in the air could change, but since the seniors have already graduated and received their diploma, they can’t exactly penalize the students for doing so. Mr. Richards also suggests taking off the tassel before throwing the cap in the air so it won’t get lost. 


Every senior is excited to graduate and move forward with their future plans, and after graduation, there’s “a parade planned after the ceremony,” Mrs. Morgan said.