The future of the drama club ft. Mrs. Lee

Liv Weng

Matilda: The Musical starring Catie Vasilenko as Matilda premiered last Thursday. The musical was directed by Mrs.Lee and her assistant director Liv Weng. They were lucky this year to even have a musical director, Mr. Gladstone, to make sure the music was extra perfect. However, the real magic of the show was brought by the technical director, Mr. Cloak. He and his crew really pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable performance. 

Mrs. Lee chose Matilda after seeing it live in Boston two years ago. She found the musical to be exceptionally fun. 

“I felt that our first musical after two years off needed to be extra special. Matilda is just that!” said Mrs. Lee. 

Of the  performances of Matilda, Mrs. Lee enjoyed the first and last performance to be her favorites. The first was her favorite because of a technical mishap. One of the lead performers got sick at the last minute and had to be replaced. She enjoyed the last performance of Matilda because there was a “big crowd with a ton of energy and laughing,” which she believes made the performance “even better.”

Mrs. Lee would like to shout out Justin Sanger and Sean Hornberger who had to fill in at the last minute on opening night due to the mishap. She would also like to thank Declan Jackson who spent the entire day coaching Justin and Sean for their last minute roles. As for the crew, she would like to thank Vivian Burr (her intern) for making the programs. 

Of Mr. Gladstone, the first time musical director, Mrs. Lee thinks “He is so talented and a great teacher. The music was a lot harder than I realized when I chose the musical. He was always so organized and ready to tackle whatever song it was (like a 10 minute song called “Miracle”) Mr. Cloak and I would be so lucky to have him music direct again!”

Mrs. Lee would like to do the musical Come from Away “as soon as the rights are available.” 

Mrs. Lee would “love to” have another assistant director for her productions in the future.

Aside from musicals, the Drama Club runs Drama Fest as well as the middle school play. The officers are Catie Vasilenko (president), Cian Healy (treasurer), Dillon Burr (secretary) and Liv Weng (social media coordinator). 

Of the underclassmen in Drama Club Mrs. Lee thinks “all of them” are the new up-and-comers of the club. “Everyone worked so hard at their part,” said Mrs. Lee.

Mrs. Lee has one last note for our readers: “Come see Gossamer before the drama club competes at St. John’s Prep on March 19th. The school performance is on Friday March 18th at 6:30 pm.”