Changing Covid Testing Procedures

Cassandra Spencer

The Georgetown Middle High School has been contract tracing since the school became hybrid in September 2020. Recently the school changed these procedures for something that is expected to be more efficient. 

“We’re not contact tracing because with this new system people have the ability to self monitor better and we’ve given them a weekly test that allows them to do it on their own,” said Nurse Shupenko.

Instead of contact tracing, the school has decided to start passing out at home tests.

This new system is fairly new, but according to Nurse Shupenko “it seems like a better way to monitor it and more people will be able to check and you are able to screen yourself.”

People that are participating will test every Wednesday morning prior to coming to school. Students get a test every other week on Monday in their English classes. The box comes with two at-home tests,so they don’t need to be passed out every week.

This is a brand new system that the school is trying to use and students from each grade and teachers are all participating. Testing every week is a commitment, but there are options to get out of it. 

Nurse Shupenko says: “You can email the nurse that you don’t want to do it anymore and your name will get taken out. If you’ve had Covid in the last 90 days, you don’t need to keep testing.”