Girls Basketball Adapts to Adversity

Julia Buckley

The girls varsity basketball has had a successful 21-22 season. With a record of 8-12, the team has made it to the playoffs for the first time since the 2015-2016 season. With JV Coach Tommy Mcdonald stepping up as varsity head coach mid season, it was clear the girls had really pulled it together. 


“It was definitely difficult at first to come in mid season and establish roles and learn how to communicate with everyone and earn everyone’s trust and get everyone to buy in. It took time and I had to be patient,” said MacDonald. 


Since MacDonald took over, the girls became 7-6. Beating both Rockport and Salem twice helped the girls take one step closer to entering the playoffs. 


“Two big wins against Salem, the one at their place was an absolute dog fight. It’s really hard to beat a team twice,” said MacDonald. 


The girls knew that it wouldn’t be easy to beat the same team twice, but they were fully locked in and committed to dominate once again. Then with two huge wins against Ipswich and Manchester Essex the girls were able to secure their spot.


 “We made the playoffs so for all the adversity the girls had to face and all of the changes I think they did an incredible job and they overachieved,” said McDonald. “I think it has been great.”


With Tommy consistently bringing his positive coaching techniques it is clear that the girls truly became a team.


 “I knew since I was a kid I wanted to be a coach, probably one of the few things that comes natural to me in life.”