Black History Month

Allison Mansfield

Each year, people all over come together and celebrate the history of African-Americans during the month of February. Black History Month was started in the 1970s and has ever since been something millions of people celebrate each year. 


Many people wonder why black history month was chosen for February. Frederick Douglass, who wanted to end slavery, and Abraham Lincoln, who was president during the Civil War, were both born in February, which is why February was made black history month. 


At GMHS, the Civil Rights Club gets together to discuss issues related to race, religion, skin color, etc. to get the school community engaged and to teach students how to take action on these issues. 


“We learn that we each bring diverse perspectives and that we should really listen to each other and include each other. We also need to stand up when people are not included and are facing prejudice, discrimination, and injustice,” said Civil Rights club advisor Mr. DiFranco. 


As teenagers, it can be hard to always understand the way people should be treated on certain occasions. But, it’s important to treat others the way you would like to be treated. 


The club created a list that was sent out to faculty members that was encouraging them to include and celebrate the history of African Americans and to involve that history into their curriculum. 


“Our goal for black history month is education and inclusion,” said DiFranco.