Keeping up With K Volume 2.0

Sophia Gonzalez, Head of Wed Design

1. Who is a woman you look up to the most?

a. My mom for sure!

2. How does it feel to work in a mostly female department?

a. Everyone is so supportive and helpful, and it makes working with everyone great! This hasn’t really occurred to me very much, but
sometimes I am cognizant of this, and this something that is most often found in teaching high schools.

3. Who is your favorite female scientist?

a. Marie Curie was really amazing for sure, but there are hundreds of great women scientists.

4. What types of challenges do you think women in stem face?

a. Honestly, I think it’s the fact that the sciences are mostly dominated by males, and sometimes this can be intimidating. I have heard of STEAM environments where men seem to dislike having women working with them. They may put down or prevent them from moving up the chain, and that’s just awful if you ask me. I think anyone should be welcome to work in STEM as long as they are qualified and can positively contribute to the scientific community.

5. What would you say to young women facing adversity in stem?

a. I would say to keep pursuing their dreams, no matter what they are, and know that science and stem do not choose one person over another. True science and technology is not biased, so anyone is welcome to be part of that community as long as they can positively contribute to the scientific community and technological advancements. As long as they enjoy it, have the drive to pursue it, they should continue with it as much as they can/want.