My Favorite Female Fashion Tik-Tokers ft. Kellen Beckett

Liv Weng, Editor

       TikTok is the home of many bustling communities, one of my favorites being fashion TikTok (dubbed Fashion-Tok). There are so many I could name: Sara Camposarcone (@saracampz), Clara Perlmutter (@tinyjewishgirl), to name a few. But there is one fashion-toker who is extra special to me: Kellen-Pippa Beckett (known as @disastrous.dresser on TikTok). Kellen focuses mostly on her clothes, but there’s a catch: she purposely dresses (and looks) like Helena Bonham Carter. If you’ve never seen Helena’s fashion before, it’s known for being gothic, chaotic, and ‘I-don’t-give-an-F-ic.’


       Kellen loves not just Helena’s style but more so the “art and persona she has.” Kellen continues, “Her family, her history and life is so so interesting to me. How magical her childhood seemed but also how tragic it was with her father.” She goes on “We have so many similarities, for instance her dad was terminally ill and so is mine…then when I saw that she honestly didn’t care what other people thought and was true to herself. I felt …that it was my duty to follow in her footsteps.” 


      Kellen has many other inspirations, though. “I love anything Vivienne Westwood…and Audrey Hepburn is my old Hollywood style inspiration.” In her free time Kellen replicates the outfits of many other celebrity “It Girls” as well. She replicates the looks of Brooke Shields and even her beloved Audrey Hepburn. She jokes, “As hard as it may be to believe … I do love elegance.”As for other inspirations, she loves “the artists Mark Ryden, and Tim Burton of course. I adore the music of Lana del Rey because she’s so haunting.”


       At just the age of 17, Kellen is not like the other members of generation Z. She loves Shakespeare, and her favorite play is Twelfth Night, which she loves for its fashion and characters.     


    Kellen gets a lot of opinions about the way she dresses “mostly from people on the internet.” When Kellen goes out into town, all she gets is compliments on her look. But she does get hate from the odd Tik Tok viewer who calls her a copycat. However she doesn’t mind because she “met her (Helena) in the spring of last year and she was so kind to me and said she thought I looked beautiful.” And that’s enough for Kellen. Kellen believes we are here for a good time not a long time, so why not dress however she wants. She finishes cheekily, “if members of the public don’t like it, that is their problem, not mine ;)”. 


 “So long as I like it…That’s all that matters.” Amen Kellen.