The Situation with Russia Explained

Giuliana Gasca , Photography Team

When you’re 18 years old, most of your worries should be about

relationships, school, family and friendships but now there is a new

concern-The potential of a world war lll. Back in 2014 Vladimir Putin ,

Russia’s leader has always focused on the status of Ukraine. In

February of 2014, Russia took over the Crimean peninsula from

Ukraine. His goal is to demilitarize Ukraine. Russia is seeking to

overthrow the Ukrainian government and continue to take over land

and more countries to add onto Russia. Over 690 civilians in Ukraine

have been killed and over 1,140 injured and no peace deal with

Ukraine will bring these sanctions to an end. Putin has instead turned

on Russians who have opposed the war. Many worry about the

United States being nuked by Russia because they have threatened

us on numerous occasions but I’m here to soften that statement a bit.

Putin has always been a small dog with a large bark. His idea of a

good country is a powerful one. He believes threats and being the

“feared” leader makes him a strong one. The United States has the

strongest military in the world. A war between Russia and the United

States will NOT happen but if it did the United States would come out

on top. I hope these words reassured you in a time of worrisome

news. We must not live in fear, but in the moment.