Rising Gas Prices

Allison Mansfield, Fundraising Team

Rise in Gas Prices 

Since the invasion of Ukraine, gas prices have gone up to more than four dollars a gallon due to the supply of oil. This is causing people all around the United States to rethink how much they are spending on gas each week. 

Many students at GMHS have their license so they can drive to school and work every day. With the rise in gas prices, it becomes very hard to be able to go where you want and when you want.

“As a high school student, it worries me how much I’m spending each week on gas. I shouldn’t have to spend 70 dollars to fill up my tank,” said senior Nick Lee. Not only Nick has that issue, it’s becoming so common for everybody to be spending that much money on gas. 

This also affects teachers who drive to school and back everyday. We have faculty who live in Maine and New Hampshire, which is quite the ride to be taking everyday to go to work.

 “My husband has a truck and recently with the rise in gas prices, it has been sitting in our driveway. Whenever we go out we take my Camry which is way cheaper on gas,” said Ms. Gearty. 

This has many people not just in our community but all over worried about going where they need to go without spending too much money. 

“I’m only a freshman, but seeing people around me have to pay so much for gas worries me for my future when I get my license one day,’’ said freshman Grace Parsons. 

Hopefully by the time Grace drives gas prices will be not as bad, but it is still something many young people are concerned about.