Fighting Senioritis

Cassandra Spencer

This spring, Georgetown seniors are experiencing a loss of motivation also known as senioritis.


Georgetown seniors have been in school for eight months now and their motivation is waning. 


“I have definitely been experiencing senioritis. Both in the pure lack of motivation and when I have to do so many assignments and in my tardiness that has almost tripled compared to my past years,” said senior Justin Sanger.


Finding ways to stay motivated has been hard, but some have found ways to keep motivated.


“Maintaining my GPA for my colleges, and my friends have been keeping me on track,” said senior Beth Keenan.


With break coming up, the thought of graduation is on all the seniors minds. Break might “make or break” whether or not seniors keep pushing or give into senioritis. 


“I feel as though the break may very well make me feel even less motivated than I do now. As it seems that the school year is almost done and April break will only make me think even more about summer and how little time we have until we graduate,” said senior Justin Sanger.


The seniors want to leave the grades below them with some advice.


“Honestly, count the days and try to realize that even though everyday seems the same when you look back at the end of the year everything will have changed and soak up every moment,” said senior Nick Lee.